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An innovative laser liposuction technique

The SlimLipo 3D laser is an innovative device that allows to achieve permanent, effective body contouring and appearance improvements. Thanks to revolutionary technology laser liposuction is one of the safest methods of reducing unwanted fat. Apart from removing the fatty tissue of the most common body parts like abdomen and buttocks, it also eliminates localized areas of fat which are resistant to diet or exercises. It is important to mention that the laser liposuction procedure does not require hospitalization. Many patients may resume regular activities on the very same day. The Elite Laser Therapy Centre is visited by women and men, who desire to look beautiful.

The Elite Centre is a training facility for the SlimLipo 3D method


The training facility of the "Palomar SlimLipo 3D" method is one the first clinics in Poland, which offers the laser lipolysis procedure of "Palomar SlimLipo 3D". Dr. Konrad Januszek is an instructor of the method and he performed over 400 procedures. Our goal is to popularize this innovative procedure and promote healthy and attractive body composition. The Elite Laser Therapy Centre provides quality brand name equipment. The SlimLipo 3D laser procedure guarantees the desired aesthetic outcome. Our staff comprises of professional and experienced doctors, who are specialized in aesthetic medicine treatments and plastic surgery. Their knowledge and extensive experience give our patients the feeling of comfort and ensure patient's satisfaction with results.

How is the "Palomar SlimLipo 3D" method different from other laser body sculpting techniques?

Over the last several years laser wavelengths of 1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm were applied. They overheated the water in the cells thus melting only a minor amount of adipose tissue. Whereas using wavelengths of 924 nm and 975 nm enables us not only to melt fat effectively and efficiently, but also to tighten the skin tissue. The Palomar SlimLipo 3D laser is currently the only device applying the optimum wavelengths based on and proven by several-year research and patents.

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